Jailbreak iOS6 tethered (Absinthe Version 3)

We are pleased to introduce the new jailbreak: Absinthe Version 3! We worked meticulously and as quickly as possible on a new release of this jailbreak. It was difficult to produce a jailbreak for iOS 6, but we  can release the new jailbreak today: Absinthe Version 3!

To jailbreak your iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 (running iOS 6 or either iPhone 4S/5 version of 6**) and/or your iPad 2 / iPad 3 (all Wi-Fi only, GSM & CDMA devices supported; must be running iOS 6**) – select one of the links below to download your A5/A6 tethered jailbreak
Simply unzip the file, then install on your iOS A5/A6 mobile device with one click of a button!

Download here:  

Windows » Absinthe v3.0 for Windows

MAC » Absinthe v3.0 for MAC

How To Use GreenPois0n: The Quick Guide
  1. Remember: greenpois0n is not an unlock, it is a jailbreak! (If you are unsure of the difference, stop reading now & become friends with a revolutionary new website called Google.)
  2. Download & extract greenpois0n from the .zip file, then launch greenpois0n.
  3. Attach your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer & click ‘Jailbreak’.
  4. Greenpois0n will automatically commence its DFU guide. If you know how to put your device into ‘DFU Mode,’ you can do this at your leisure; when done, greenpois0n will acknowledge a successful DFU operation.
  5. Press ‘Jailbreak’ again (if necessary) and let greenpois0n do its thing! You will see wonderful lines of text scroll on your device’s screen to assure you that something is happening.
  6. After a few magical seconds, greenpois0n will display a ‘Complete’ message. At this point, the greenpois0n injection is complete – just wait for your device to reboot automatically.
  7. Once your device has finished rebooting, double-check that you have an active internet connection, then locate & press the ‘Loader’ icon on your device. This action will download the Cydia app and install it for you.
  8. When Cydia has been installed successfully, your device needs to (& will automatically) reboot one final time.
  9. You’re done! Enjoy 


First & foremost, THANK YOU to all our loyal fans & readers for your enduring patience over the past several months. We’ve been toiling night & day in order to perform the serious hacking ninja magic required to develop the most advanced iPhone jailbreak yet – we only hope it was worth your wait! And as always, thank you for your never-ending support of Chronic Dev Team & all our GreenPois0n releases!
I also want to express my personal gratitude to:
  • saurik – for all your guidance & support, especially in helping us out of the sandbox, and for acting as administrator to the “Dream Team” donation fund;
  • Chronic-Dev, LLC – for hosting the web servers that will inevitably crash due to the sheer number of simultaneous download requests; and
  • finally & especially, the other “Dream Team” members – for all your expertise, dedication, cooperation & countless hours of hard work! It was a true pleasure to work closely with each of you, and without your contributions, this jailbreak would not have been possible.

About Chronic Dev Team

Chronic Dev Team is a group of iOS hackers/enthusiasts initially established in 2009 by our old friend chronic. Since our formation, we have remained 100% dedicated to the mission of enabling iOS device owners to choose a free & open user experience as an alternative to Apple’s ‘closed’ platform – better known around these parts as ‘jailbreaking.’ To this end, we work tirelessly to program new software & other tools for all Apple supported mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & AppleTV.
The main goal of Chronic Dev Team is to work together collaboratively in order to actively contribute to the global jailbreaking community. We aim to accomplish this goal primarily through the research, development & coding of iOS untethered jailbreak toolkits. Over the past 4+ years, Chronic Dev hackers have engaged in countless hours of research, exploiting & reverse engineering to develop our various GreenPois0n jailbreak releases, as well as many other invaluable tools – all of which we offer FREE of charge for your personal use.
As Chronic Dev has expanded over time, our current team members have joined forces from all across the globe – from the USA to Europe & even to Australia. Our ages range from late-teen’s to mid-30′s, though we believe you’re never too young nor too old to learn how to hack!

Chronic Dev Team members are: posixninja ,pod2g, nikias, westbaer ,semaphore ,OPK, jan0, DHowett, |bile| ,AriX